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 Free Flyers and Flying Holiday Info updated 2nd Dec 2006

You are invited to come to the Manilla 2007 Worlds and FLY !!!!

The Manilla 2007 Worlds event will allow Free Flyers to take to the air at certain times on task days.  A Free Flyers Event Guide will be available online soon and at HQ to explain the requirements. Provided that the task does not come back to Mt Borah you will be able to fly soon after the Comp pilots have left the area... at the Launch Directors discretion ofcourse, and in accordance with FAI Section 7, para 4.5 rules. Basically FF's are not permitted to fly the task line - for safety and competative reasons, or approach the goal area while it is in operation - for safety reasons. It might also be possible pending FAI consideration to launch up to a certain time before the competition flying launch window is open but with strict airspace rules in place.


As the Comp tasks are generally one way to goal, visiting spectator pilots should be able to launch and follow the competitors for an aerial sideline view of the event !


Manilla always sends a warm country welcome to all spectators and pilots and is awaiting your visit.


Why not make the Paragliding World Championships a good reason to visit Australia for a flying holiday in Feb/March 2007. Come to Manilla for a few days, a week or even the whole 2 weeks, have a great flying time, party and support your National Team.


The Opening Ceremony (Sat 24th Feb 2007) will feature an Air Show, Pilot Town Parade, Opening Ceremony and free entertainment with all the stars of the Paragliding scene present. 


This time of year is not peak season for tourism, the airfares and accommodation are cheaper than in mid summer, and the weather is great for flying at all major sites around Australia ... and of course its a great time to see all the other attractions Down Under !

Come to Manilla in 2007 and “See the Sky Come Alive”.


Travel Tips :

Airfares: as at 20th Nov 2006 the best airfares ex-europe major cities are around A$1600 inc all taxes - that is approx 1000euro - don't pay any more than that !!!!!

Hire Cars : We are working with a leading rental company to offer special discount rates for visiting pilots for the Worlds event - check the 2007 home page for info in a few weeks. It will also include campervan, buses, 4WD's etc.

Buying a Car : For a long visit buying a car is a good idea. There is a BackPackers Car Market in Kings Cross (Sydney) where bargains are everywhere as backpackers get desperate to sell in the days before their flights home. You should be a confident car buyer as there are no guarantee's at the market. In Manilla there is a Car Dealer which always has cheap cars (Royal Auto's - just behind the Royal Hotel) - you can take the CountryLink train to Manilla from Sydney for A$70 and take your time, test drive etc - they have plenty to choose from !

Australian Visa : Most countries need a visa before coming to Aus (except UK, USA, Japan and a few more). Check with your local Australian embassy/consulate for an update for your country. If you need a invitation to visit please contact Godfrey.

Asian Stopovers : Many airlines offer cheap 2-3 day stopovers in places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Saigon. They are very good value (great asian food and shopping) and break the return home journey to reduce the jet lag.