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Manilla XC Open 2007 - Open Distance every day ! 


This FAI Cat 2 event is being held the week before the World Championships. It is an Open Distance type event based on the successful first XC Open held in Manilla in 2005.

Dates : 14th - 21st Feb 2007

The XC Open competition concept has now been established as an exciting new annual FAI Cat 2 series :

XC Open World Series - “Fly as far as you can“

With events in specially selected locations and times of the year to promote safe easy XC distance flying for all pilots (not just hard core record chasers !).

The series is organised by a highly experienced team consisting of Han Bausenwein, Andreas Rieck and Godfrey Wenness who each bring specialised talents to the team. Each event will have a local organiser who will be assisted by the XC Open Event Team to ensure a high quality service level and a safe event.

For 2007 events will be held in :

Manilla, Australia

Piedrahita, Spain

Valle de bravo , Mexico

For more information and registration please go direct to the event web site.