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For National Team Members ONLY

NEWS : The Registration is NOW CLOSED.

Before you can register (and see the online form below) you need to log on to this web site as a security measure. Full information about the 2 step procedure is on the Pilot Info page. Briefly : Please click on “Register“ in the top right corner of this web site to do this. You will then need to create a user name and password etc. After this stage #1 you can then go to stage #2, log into the web site and register for the event in the form below. Make sure you check the Pilot List to see your name on it after submitting your event registration !!!!

Extra Pilots Registration ??

You can register extra pilots now who are not in the first round team places. That is - pilots who are not in your original Team Size. They will be shown as not confirmed. They do not need to pay the entry fee yet !

Please make a comment at the bottom of the entry form to say what waiting list place the pilot has in your national team order. Example : a 2+1 team size, the #3 male pilot in the team would write a comment : “ I am #3 male in the team and the next one if there is a vacant place available”.

Once the vacant place re-allocation offer is made (Dec 24th) these pilots can be confirmed if they receive and accept a place offer. The entry fee payment can then also be made.

Vacant Places are offered on Dec 24th !

It is usual for at least 20-30 places to be available for re-allocation. Places are vacant due to such reasons as pilot not being qualified (eg: small countries with few pilots not able to take up their 2+1 team size) and lack of entry fee payment etc.

These places are only offered to pilots who have registered and are on the pilot list (they don't need to pay for the entry fee until they have a confirmed place).

Teams should register extra pilots as noted above in order to take advantage of the extra places which will be offered on Dec 24th.

Is your Team not yet selected by Nov 24th ???

If this is the case then please register the potential pilots (it might be a few more than the official team size). Your NAC/Federation/Team Leader should pay for the entry fee for the actual team size by the due date (Dec 4th) and once the final team is selected inform the organiser which pilots are in. The rest of the pilots (except for those who might get a vacant place re-allocation offer as noted in the comments on their rego form) will then be deleted from the pilots list . All Teams MUST finalise their pilots by Dec 24th.

Entry Fee Options - Information

For the first time in  FAI Cat 1 World Championships there will be discount entry fee options ! This recognizes the reality of what actually happens at these events (many teams have their own transport and don't eat lunch packs !). This will save pilots and teams $$'s, provide a more efficient return to HQ, and be environmently friendly (less waste).

The tasks are generally one way down wind to goals up to 200kms away ! The organisation's transport cost is significant for this especially given that fuel costs have reached such high levels. In other events you pay for the whole transport and lunch service even if you don't use it, so making this optional saves everyone $$'s ! Experience from previous Manilla comps shows that individual team cars/buses are far more efficient and you don't have to wait around for goal to close and buses to fill up before heading home. The organisation can assist to connect small teams with others to arrange team transport - please contact Godfrey to be put on a special match-making list.

For full information as to what is included in the 2 entry fee options and Team Leader and Team Assistant fee's, please go to the Pilot Information page.

Entry Options (1 or 2) must be finalised by Jan 14th. You can change them on your rego form any time until then. If you take and pay for Option 2 now and wish to upgrade to Option 1 on Jan 14th you can pay the difference in cost then.

NOTE : ALL pilot entry package options will receive Official Mt Borah Bomb Out Transport, entry to pilot entertainment, BBQ's, Pilot lounge with cyber cafe and all other usual inclusions etc etc.

A summary of the entry options is below :

- Entry Fee Option 1 : Full service (inc all XC retrieve transport, lunch packs etc). A$1160.00 Approx 696euros (590e event + 106e FAI)

- Entry Fee Discount Option 2 : Discount with No XC Retrieve Transport or Lunch Packs (but includes Mt Borah bomb out transport). With this option pilots need to make their own arrangements for XC retreive and lunch. A$740.00 Approx 444euros (338e event + 106e FAI)

- Team Leader fee is A$320 (Team Pilots who are also Team Leaders do not need to pay this!)

- Team Assistant fee is A$160.

Please check the Pilot Info page for details about these.