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You have arrived at the Information web site for the :

10th FAI Paragliding World Championships - Manilla 2007

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24th February - 9th March 2007

Web Site last updated 10th March 2007

Not a flyer and wondering what this is all about ?? Spectators and visitors read all about it on the  Non Flyers Info  page, for some background on Paragliding and Competitions.

Did you know .... Manilla 2007 was the first ever Paragliding World Championships to be held in an english speaking country ! .... 149 Pilots from 39 nations are represented ....

The NEW World Champions for 2007 are :

Bruce Goldsmith (UK) and Petra Slivova (CZE)

The NEW World Champion Nation is : Czech Republic

Top 10 overall                             Top 5 Women


Top 10 Overall

Top 5 Women

1 GOLDSMITH, Bruce, (Airwave Magic Fr3) GBR  4178

2 CARON, Jean-Marc, (Niviuk Icepeak 2) FRA  4161

3 MCCUNE, Thomas, (MAC Para Magus 4) USA 4080

4 AEBI, Andy, (Advance Omega) CHE 3894

5 OHLIDAL, David, (Axis Mercury) CZE 3824

6 MARTINEZ IBAÑEZ, Miguel, (Gin Boomerang 5) ESP 3819

7 ZIOLKOWSKI, Krzysztof, (Axis Mercury) POL 3741

8 COHN, Josh, (UP Targa 3) USA 3637

9 BRAUNER, Tomas, (MAC

Todays Task News:

A close finish in overall's and womens !!!! 

Day 13 : Task 5 : Friday 9th March : 53.6kms Elapsed Time Race to Goal with 4 start gates - Mt Borah > Gulf Creek

The heavy rains of Thursday gave way to low fog and a misty morning - a sign that the rains are over. The forecast indicated isolated showers. At Mt Borah the cloud base was low and it looked like a task was impossible until the wind dummies slowly climbed out. An elapsed time race with start gates format was chosen to ensure more safety at launch with less congestion and fairness in the bomb-able conditions. The task was a straight line race 53kms to the north.

Most pilots were in the air and struggling to get height within the first 30mins of launch window open (12.40pm). Slowly the groups headed off up the range to take the start gate and get on course. Some threatening rain clouds were sitting near goal and for a short time it looked like the task would need to be cancelled. They passed but still some large dark clouds lingered and the tension was high as to whether the task could continue. 63 Pilots made goal in an exciting finish to the event.

More of the last day story in the task report ... including the nail biting finish between Goldsmith and Caron.



Pics : Coming in to Goal at Gulf Creek ... 3. Gerard Chouvin (ARG) ... 4. Ramon Morillas (ESP)

Task 5 Results :

1 7 VALIC, AljaĆŸ (MAC Para Magus 5) SVN 01:40:32  935

2 68 PREVC, Gasper (MAC Para Magus 5) SVN 01:44:53  875

3 78 DONINI, Luca (Gradient Avax SR7) ITA  01:49:23  838

4 46 RODRIGUEZ, Borja (Niviuk Icepeak) ESP 01:50:04  831

5 20 VALIC, Urban (MAC Para


Photo Competition Winners...


1st Place : David Aberdeen  (Brisbane, AUS)                 2nd Place : David Olidahl (Czech)

More prize winning photo's are on the Photo Comp page ... click here !

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25th Feb : The Gala Opening of the event featured a street parade of nations, airshow and concert by Golden Guitar winner Felicity Urquart. Over 4000 people came to watch the show ! Pictures : Some VIP's at the Mayors welcome (Christian Maurer - #1 male ranked pilot, Godfrey Wenness - event organiser, Ewa Wisnierska #1 ranked female pilot,  Minister Sandra Nori, local state and federal parliamant members Peter Draper and Tony Windsor),  ... Street Parade ... aerobatics ... First Briefing ... F/A 18 Hornet ...


23rd Feb : A few of the highly favoured Swiss Team Pilots enjoy some fantastic conditions on the last few practise days. These excellent pictures are by Martin Scheel (Switz).


19th Feb : Only a few days to go before the start of the 10th Paragliding World Championships and most of the pilots have already arrived to practise. Current world rankings #1, 2006 World Cup winner and favourite to take the title, Christian Maurer (SWI) takes a few moments to inspect a new protoype glider with Mango .... The XC Open event has had a few epic days with pilots flying nearly 300kms on Saturday and 200kms on Sunday. More than 1/2 of the pilots including the whole German Team have flown new personal best distances ! .... Perfect clouds to the horizon (photo's taken near Boggabri on Sunday 19th Feb) .... Mango greets some famous faces - Kari Castle (USA), Andy Hediger (ARG), Heli Eichholzer (AUT), Jimmy Pacher (ITA) .... and a special meeting with Gin Song (KOR).


4th Feb: The A$393,000 upgrade to the Mt Borah Air Sports Facility
was inspected on Friday 2nd Feb by NSW State Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism - Sandra Nori, and NSW Parliament local member Peter Draper. Media on the east Launch. Mt Borah showing the new West, East and South Astro Turf launches and Amenities block works. Also Nicky Moss (UK #1 ranked female pilot) made famous around the world by her recent eagle attack ordeal says hello to Manilla Paragliding's friendly eagle statue.


24th Jan : One month to go ...The event organisation is in its final stages... Mango also is working hard everyday to ensure a smooth running championships ... the Welcome signs are going up  ... final staff meetings are being held (Godfrey, Lynda and Pip) ... and the amazing comet showed us the way to Manilla 2007.

For more info about flying in Manilla you can also visit the Manilla SkySailors web site  :
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